Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Reason I...

Over the years I have tried to voice my thoughts, my opinion, myself. But so many times I am attacked, challenged, put down. For these reason I have always kept things inside, never voicing my true thoughts, just being quite. Though it makes me sad that people make it where I feel uncomfortable to speak out. This bothers me even more when they are people who always voice their opinions, unchallenged, unmet but rude words. But yet they are the people who challenge your words, beliefs and thoughts. If people are kind enough to let you voice your opinion then please show the same kindness, because you never how your attacks or challenges are seen.

From people making me fight for my opinion but never having to fight for their own makes me sad. This is the reason I don't speak about things, I don't voice opinion. It's also the reason I have come to believe over years of being shot down, that my voice does not matter. My opinion will always be wrong. My thoughts are worthless, nothing I say matters.

I am writing this post because people don't realize how they treat others effect people over time. People who know me, don't know this about me. My thoughts of not mattering, that my voice is worthless. People will never stop to think if their comments, in life or online, will affect the person they are geared to. So Please! Think before you post. If they don't make you fight for what you believe or think, then don't make them fight for theirs. Be considerate of peoples feelings, and if you don't want to be attack then don't attack others. God Bless <3 and please spread loving words not hate.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Segment from my novel

So I have been working on a novel for a while only to hit a lot of walls but at last I am figuring it out again. So here is the beginning of a chapter in the book and I was hoping for some feedback. Those who are familiar with my book idea "The Demons Within" it is based through that idea but with a change that there is now only one demon, Rosaline. Please let me know what you think, thanks. (P.s. please do not steal)

                                           The Demon Named Rosaline

The sun set on Mystics Path and the moon began to rise in the sky. Out from the shadows of the woods a demon called Rosaline appeared unseen and unheard by anyone around her. Rosaline wore a long black dress that was torn all around the skirt. Her long black hair rested upon her blood stained shoulders and arms. Around her waist rested a sash that housed a bloodied skull. Her eyes were black as the night and blood dripped down from them upon her cheek. Around her neck Rosaline wore a choker from which dangled a serpent’s fang. In her hand a dagger carved from a bone of a wolf. The site of her brought about the thought of death and despair.
Rosaline looked around at the people in the streets. Couples holding hands on a moon light stroll, children running in the streets playing tag. Some people were heading home after closing shop, while others were heading back to their hotels after a fun day in the old town. A man walked passed Rosaline and stared at her, a glimpse of fear within his eyes. Rosaline followed him as he moved into a more crowded street, scared for what the woman in black might do. Catching the man from behind Rosaline grabbed into the man’s back as if it were liquid and tore out his beating heart. The man fell lifeless to the ground, as Rosaline held his bleeding heart to her mouth and took a bite. Blood dripped down her chin as the people around her began to panic and run in fear. Rosaline placed the heart in her mouth and kneeled down over the dead man. Grabbing one of his ankles, Rosaline begins to drag the man into the nearby woods. As the police arrive on the scene Rosaline and her victim have disappeared into the night without a trace. 
Rosaline dragged her victim towards a fire in the center of a clearing that stood in the center of the woods. Using her dagger, she began to skin the man of his flesh and meat. Piece by piece she cut off his flesh and placed it in the pot above the fire. Though a long and tiring process the smell of human flesh cooking on the fire gave Rosaline joy and she hungered for every bite of the man. Once the flesh was removed Rosaline used her hands to scoop out his organs. She tossed them aside for the wolves to devour on the edge of the clearing. The only organ Rosaline ever ate herself was the victims heart. She believed that by devouring the heart she would consume their soul, thus capturing them for life. Then Rosaline stood above the man’s skeleton and ripped off his skull, leaving the rest of his skeleton to fall limp to the ground. With her hands she clawed out the man’s brain and left it in a pile upon the ground at her feet. The wolves came to eat the brain as Rosaline fastened her new trophy to her sash. She found some feathers upon the ground near the fire and works to fasten them to her sash as well. Finishing her work Rosaline sat by the fire and began to eat her meal as the wolves worked on cleaning the skeleton and the organs from the ground. Rosaline thought that the human flesh always tasted divine when cooked raw with blood still dripping from the muscles. Rosaline enjoyed every ounce of meat that night, lost in its savory taste. The wolves laid around the fire with her licking their paws clean. 
            As the sun began to rise Rosaline poured water on the fire and cleaned all evidence of her presence. She fastened her sash around her waist and placed the dagger in a strap around her leg that was hidden by her skirt. The wolves watched as Rosaline picked up the man’s skeleton and headed towards Crows Drive. Checking that no one was around Rosaline walked up towards the school at the end of the street. The wolves followed as Rosaline climbed the stairs and placed the headless skeleton at the top near the doors that lead into the school. Then without a sound Rosaline and the wolves vanished in a blink of an eye, like a shadow that was never there. No trace of dirt or life anywhere.
            Rosaline returned to the woods and followed the wolves to their den. The sun was Rosaline’s enemy and the wolves provided her shelter if she provided them with meat at night. Rosaline laid down in a corner of the den and her wolf friends curled up around her. The alpha wolf always laid next to Rosaline near her head, snuggling her with his snout. Rosaline scratch the alpha behind his ear as they both began to fall asleep.

            The falls beyond the horizon when Rosaline and her wolves awaken. Stretching Rosaline leaves the den and gathers wood to build a fire. Rosaline always built her fire far away from the den in order to keep her hide out safe. Rosaline heads deep into the woods. Crossing over Gallows Street Rosaline makes her way into another section of the towns wooded areas. No one takes notice of Rosaline as she crosses the street, people walk past as if she wasn’t even there.  In the Gallows and Potions woods Rosaline found a quite area to set up camp. Rosaline builds her fire in the clearing as the wolves gather around. Grabbing leaves and twigs Rosaline makes a pot structure to heat up her next victim’s flesh in for the night. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Literacy Narratives Project for ENC 3417

Memo Video:

We all have a story of how we learned to read and write, or even a story of a person or book that got us hooked on reading. Looking at 4 different narratives I noticed that motivation for reading comes from the home, and those that were motivated by their family tended to do better in school. Some began a love for reading through television, or movies, and even the internet can inspire people to read.

Abir began his journey in reading through Anime (Japanese Animation) with English subtitles.


Others, like Kristina, began with a movie based on a book, along with the motivation from her sister.

Others learn literacy, skills within a new field, from searching the internet. 

We all have roots that led to our literacy and many of them involve some type of technology. As seen above television, movies, and now the internet can help motivate people to enjoy a book. So let's begin!

We all have our favorite show, whether action, fantasy, science-fiction, etc. Sometimes our favorite shows are based on a popular books, such as Game of Thrones or Shadowhunters. These shows can catch the attention of an audience and motivate them to checkout the book series that helped create the show, because we all know the book is always better. Abir was motivated by Anime because it helped him understand English words, and also he was able to use character expressions to learn new words. From Anime he went on to picture books and then on to Harry Potter. It all started with television, motivating him to read other things. I know there are times I come across a show that was based on a book and it truly motivated me to buy the books in order to learn more about the characters and show, but also to see a different adventure and see different sides of the characters I've already come to love. Many people become motivated by television because it captivates us and we always want the adventure to continue.

Many people see a movie and think there is nothing more to the story so why read the book? Kristina had the same idea but after her sister gave her the book, she learned that there is a lot of fun surprises that were left out of the film. Kristina also realized that she made a true connection with the characters more then she ever could with a two hour movie. So many people enjoy the movies, and many books are turned into movies. Some are a huge hit, such as Harry Potter, and others are so bad that they don't do justice for the books, such as Cirque Du Freak. Now Cirque Du Freak is an amazing book series about a vampire named Darren Shan, same name as the author. If people based their opinion of the books only on the movie, they would most likely avoid the books. On the other hand people who have seen Harry Potter would be motivated to read the books, and be amazed of the many tales and characters left out of the movies. Just as Kristina was surprised to find the books had so much more to offer, many people find books better than the movies because they offer a deeper connection with the characters and contain many different adventures and details.

Another source of learning literacy is the internet. Now when I say literacy, I also mean different skills. For example Arron learned how to repair a motorcycle simply by doing his research online. Just as you are learning from this blog, or tutorials on Youtube, learning things from the internet is becoming popular. In today's society a person can simply search for advice on different skills, such as building a costume or fixing a pipe, and through search engines they will most likely find a video or article that will help them learn this new skill. The internet can also assist in motivating people to read by giving people access to so many stories and poems by a variety of authors. If I wanted to read poems by any author I simply have to go on Google. The internet is also a great source for school because it allows us to narrow down out search to fit our topics.


So home motivation is a huge contribution to children learning to read, write, and comprehend reading. Those who had motivation at home, where parents helped with homework or made children read, tend to do better in school and also develop an enjoyment for reading. Those who weren't motivated at home had a hard time in school and didn't always get good grades. One of the narratives I came across was about a girl named Morgann who tells a story about how her mom never made her do her homework. This lack of motivation made Morgann less focused and develop a lack of self- discipline. This caused her grades to drop, causing Morgann to care less for reading and writing. So home motivation is key to helping kids enjoy reading and do well in school. If parent motivation doesn't work, siblings can also be a motivational tool. If all else fails show them a picture of their favorite character or actor reading because they may want to be just like them,
Also seeing an Asgardian Prince reading in his
cell can  help motivate fanboys and fangirls to read.
 Who wouldn't want to be like Loki. ^_^ 

Here are the links to the narratives that are mentioned in this post:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Her Universe's My Star Wars Story!

Hey Everyone! So Her Universe has their new promotion of #MyStarWarsStory this video is for that promotion. I hope you all join in the fun and upload a video as well. To my Star Wars friends/ family you know that my sister and I are total geeks, dressing up, going to everyday possible of Star Wars Weekends, but not many of you know the fun secret, that tends to shock people, of how we got started in the Star Wars fandom. It actually started when I was in 8th grade. This video is truly how I feel about the Star Wars universe and my story of how my path as a Jedi/ Sith began.

Monday, September 28, 2015

How words from loved ones can affect people.

       We all have family issues, and we all saw things to family members we don't mean, or mean to help them. But through these words are you hurting them? Sometimes, people like me just keep it to myself, or vent it to another family member. But family can bring you down and raise you up as well. (This blog post is a bit of a vent for me to write what is bothering me. But the last paragraph does have an important message that you should read about not hurting family members with words.)

       I have an aunt who told my mom that I needed to work on my weight. My mom told her that I was and that I am an active person, which my aunt said wasn't true. I asked my mom about the conversation because I heard her defend me to my aunt at a different table while we were on vacation. This hurt me a little because I know I'm over weight and I do try to lose weight but it isn't easy for me. But to say that I don't try and that my mom is wrong about me dealing with my weight hurt the most. That she believed I couldn't have the personality that would make her think I cared. I Vented this with my mom alone in our room. And I was happy that it bothered my mom too and that she stood up for me against her sister.

      Then you have your close family, sisters, brothers, mom and dad. Who simply want to help but in doing so hurt you. I like to vent opinions to someone and every time she either sees the other sides point of view saying in a way that I am wrong to feel how I feel or think what I think. Then other times she goes into the lecture "You can't say/ think like that when you're a teacher...." THIS is what hurts the most. Because she doesn't realize she is filling me with doubt. When ever I become confident and excited about becoming a teacher one day she throws these lectures at me and I feel with doubt again. Also it hurts my feelings because I feel like I can't express my thoughts to her. And this makes me cry. Of course I can't say anything or she'll get mad and I don't like conflict.

     The point I'm trying to make is that you always worry about what you say to other people, but you also have to watch how you say things to your family too, especially if you have family members that are highly sensitive like me. What you think is constructive (such as if you loose ten more pounds it'll look great or when you become a teacher you can't...) can actually be hurtful to them. How you word things matter even with family, because you can unknowingly be filling them with doubt, hurting their feelings, or even lowering their self esteem. Love your family, and put love in your words. Build your family up! Yes you can play around with mean words but make sure that they love you and aren't hurt by what you are saying. I myself was joking around and upset my uncle who in turn later hurt my feelings too. WORDS HURT whether it's from a school mate, co-worker, even a family member. And family hurts the most because then you don't know who to turn to.

God Bless <3 and May the Force be with you!